Concrete Resurfacing

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Sgraffino | skim coat

Sgraffino is one of the versatile concrete resurfacing product in the market today. It is a Portland cement based micro-topping. This product can be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. It has been in use in  USA and Canada for over 10 years. The product can be applied at paper thin thickness which allows maximum effect. It can also be combined with Cp 1000 acryc polymer to produce the most appropriate thin resurfaces for both interior and exterior concrete surfaces. To ensure maximum satisfaction and elegance, numerous decorative effects can be added using a steel trowel, magic trowel sponge roller or spray unit. All this will be determined by the user. The product comes in a number of colors though a client can order his color of choice. Sgraffino can be used to resurface and enhance old concrete.

Why use the product

The product can be used for a number of reasons

  • It is highly effective (in terms of efficiency and cost) product to resurface skim coat
  • Can be integrated with colorfast
  • It has been regarded for having the most user friendly micro-topping product in the market
  • Can be used both for horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Can be applied over asphalt surfaces
  • Can be used over interior, exterior, horizontal or vertical surfaces
  • It is a cost effective method

How it is applied

To apply this product, the following steps should be followed.


The first step that should be done is to prime all the surfaces with Cp1000 acryc activator. By doing so, it is good to ensure that Cp 100 is not diluted. The substrate should be at least 500 F.

The product should be applied using a garden sprayer and then spread using a broom or mop. Please note to apply 2 layers of primer. The first coat should be applied prior to installing the overly while the next layer should be applied on the same day.

Mixing and installing the product

The following procedure should be followed when mixing and installing the product. Sgraffino should be activated using pure Cp1000. This should be done in a clean garbage can. 4.6 liters of Cp1000 should be used to activate 1 pair of Sgraffino.

Take 4.6 liters of the product and pour it into a clean 6ga mixing bucket.

If necessary, it is good to add the integral colors into a 56ga mixing bucket and spin for 2-5 seconds

Place 2/3 of Sgraffino powder into the mixing bucket and spin with liquid for 30 seconds using a low speed drill and paddle attachment.

The last step is to place the powder into a bucket and mix thoroughly for 60 seconds to disperse the ingredients to a pourable consistency.

Applying Sgraffino

To apply the product, it is important to apply it into two thin coats using a magic trowel or steel trowel. The person applying should be able to produce high quality that is evenly spread and distributed. The curing period usually depends on a number of things such as the prevailing temperature.

Technical Data

Compressive Strength 4200psi Coverage (application of at least two coats is recommended) 250-300ft²/pail/coat
Mixing ratio 4.6liters of pure Cp1000 per pail Packaging Regular 30lb, Fine 22lb and Superfine 20lb
Colors Grey and White

 Pentimento | cementious overlay

For producing a unique high strength cementious floor covering, Pentimento is a product which can efficiently be used. It is used to resurface the existing concrete and make it better. This is in cases where the floor has been overused. For instance, in cases where the activities of a particular building are several, the floor could look old and worn out. It is applied at 1/8” thickness and re-trowelled and burnished 2 or 3 times to improve the appearance.

Areas where it can be used

  •  Airports
  • Laboratories
  • Residential houses
  • Warehouses
  • Stores etc.

Why use Pentimento

  • It is cheaper than the traditional methods
  • Superior compressive strength. 5200psi
  • Can be integrally colored with colorfast
  • Applied at 1/8” thick- Therefore, it adds very little weight to the structure
  • Creates a concrete look and feel

Points to note

  • Available in United States and Canada
  • Should not be installed at temperatures below 450F or if the temperatures are expected to fall below this temperature within 24 hours
  • Test the area prior to application
  • Under normal temperature (700 F), wait for 24 hours

Technical Data

Compressive Strength 5200psi Coverage 75-80ft²/pail
Mixing ratio Cp1000 is diluted with water at 2:1 ratio 4.6liters of diluted Cp1000 per pail Packaging 50lb pail
Colors Grey and White