Endura Resin Chip System

Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

Endura | high performance grade III resin ship system

Having a good and long lasting floor is very important. EnduraTM is a very important product which is intended to make garage floors, basement floors, workshop floors and other floors which are subjected to high level of impact strong. The product has been used for many years in United States and Canada where the success rate has been enormous. This system combines the benefits of Epoxy resins and Polyaspartic technology. Epoxy resins offer good wet ability and adhesion to various substrates whereasPolyaspartics offer very high abrasion resistance.

Some of the benefits of using EnduraTM are:

  • Keeps the floors durable for a long time
  • It offers a cheap solution to floor management
  • Zero VOC systems
  • Fast cure – people can use the floor within a few minutes after application
  • Excellent abrasion
  • Offers chemical resistance to the floor

For more information, follow this link http://www.duraamen.com/how-to/installation-endura/

Endüra E02 | 100% solids moisture tolerant epoxy primer

Endüra is a 100% solid, moisture tolerant epoxy primer for concrete and masonry surfaces. Endüra is a very important chemical which should be applied to all floors to ensure that they are durable. The main property that makesEndüra EO2 suitable for its role is the fact that it is moisture resistant. As it is known, water can lead to the damage of any kind of floor. The product has been used all over United States and Canada. It is available in clear and standard clear and standard colors. Custom colors can be ordered too. For successful installation of any resinous flooring systems, a concrete surface profile (CSP) of 4 to 5 is recommended.

Why use Endüra 102

Some of the advantages of Endüra 102 are:

  • A cheap option to ensure durable floors
  • Has a fast cure characteristic which facilitates easier use
  • Low viscosity which facilitates good wetting
  • Conforms to ASTM C-881 requirements
  • Moisture insensitive cure

Endüra E21 | 100% solids pigmented epoxy floor coating

Do you deal with chemicals in your work place? Or do you perform high levels of activity in your place? Endura E21 is what you need to ensure that the floor is durable and good looking. It is a 100% solid, pigmented epoxy floor coating which ensures improved chemical protection. The product has been used in the United States and Canada for more than 10 years.

Why use Endura E21

  • Improves floor protection
  • Reduces operational costs as it ensures the durability of floor
  • Zero VOC
  • Easy application and clean up
  • Fast cure rate
  • Low odor during application

Endüra P70 | ultra-high solids aliphatic Polyaspartic polyurea

Endura P70 is a very important chemical used to take care of concrete floors. It is a two component, ultra high solids, aliphatic Polyaspartic polyuria designed to provide high gloss, Ultra violet stable and chemical resistant protection. It has the property of having fast cure and low odor and stain resistance. It is available in a clear color only. It has been in use for mny years in Canada and United States.

Why use Endura P70

  • Low odor and fast cure
  • VOC compliant
  • Fast set times
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Very high gloss
  • Chemical and stain resistance
  • Fast set times