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The importance of high quality flooring systems cannot be underestimated when it comes to the food service industry. The type of floor that you choose for your dining areas, kitchens, and storage areas will have a major impact on the cleanliness, safety, and appearance of your establishment.

By choosing to install a resinous flooring system, or a seamless floor, into your restaurant, you can enjoy many obvious and surprising benefits. Most importantly, you can rid your floor of joints and crevices because there is no need for grout lines when your flooring system provides one cohesive and smooth surface.

No longer will you have crevices where moisture could become trapped and bacteria could grow. Instead, you can opt to have a continuous floor installed with a protective topcoat that makes maintenance a breeze. With regular sweeping and mopping, you can easily keep your dining and preparation areas clean and tidy.

Thanks to our many concrete floor solutions, you can enjoy the benefits of having a durable and seamless flooring system, and also achieve the aesthetic of nearly any type of flooring material. Our decorative concrete flooring systems can be specially blended to incorporate the colors, patterns, textures, and designs that will perfectly compliment your restaurant.


Dining and Bar Area

Dining and Bar Area

In the dining areas, cleanliness is obviously a must, but it is also important to have flooring that is going to impress your patrons. We offer many different decorative concrete flooring options that provide an economical alternative to using natural stone or ceramic tile flooring materials.

These decorative flooring options will not only help your restaurant make a lasting visual impression; their quality finishes also allow staff to clean the dining areas quickly and easily, causing little to no disturbance to guests.

Using our state-of-the-art products, it is possible to simulate nearly any natural stone into a seamless concrete floor. Your dining area will enjoy a superior level of aesthetic appeal, while also benefiting from the convenience and durability provided by a sleek resinous flooring system.

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Kitchen/Freezers and Refrigeration

Kitchen/Freezers and Refrigeration

Anyone who has ever cleaned a kitchen floor can appreciate what an advantage having a seamless resin flooring in this area can be. Lesser flooring materials have openings and joints where mold, mildew, food particles, and bacteria can gather. Not only is it a pain to scrub these cracks and crevices clean, but it is also a health and safety hazard.

The solution is to have a decorative resinous flooring system installed to your kitchen, freezer, and refrigeration areas. These solid and continuous floors, topped with protective, bacteria-resistant coatings, make maintenance much easier and also enhance the appearance of the kitchen overall.

The completed concrete flooring system can be made to be completely smooth and glossy, while replicating the look of beautiful natural stone floors, if desired. To keep your kitchen staff safe, non-slip additives can be added to the topcoat in order to reduce the risk of slipping.

Perdure UMC
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Rest Rooms

Rest Rooms

Having an unsightly floor in your restaurant can certainly cost you greatly over the long-term. The most successful eateries will pay close attention to every detail, including investing in a well-designed, attractive floor for the restroom. This is when decorative resinous flooring systems can be an attractive and affordable solution.

A continuous, durable flooring system can be applied to your restroom floor, creating a glossy, seamless surface. The design of your restroom floor can be modified to compliment the décor and architecture of the dining area, and can be blended to simulate a natural stone or ceramic floor.

Using a high-quality topcoat, the resinous flooring system can receive a glossy protective coating that will make maintenance of the restrooms easier, and the shiny appearance of the floor will signify immediately to customers that you take cleanliness seriously.

Perdure SLE(T)
Perdure SLE(T) is a self-leveling seamless flooring system. It is made up of a pre-proportioned epoxy resin, hardener and selectively graded aggregates. The main goal...


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