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on Nov 26, 2014
When building a business or residential house, the fact is that you want to save...
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on Sep 12, 2013
There are many types of industrial and residential flooring systems. Some of these types are:...
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on Jul 24, 2013
Concrete coatings are used to improve the appearance, ease of maintenance, and light reflectivity of...
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How to Select a Decorative Concrete Coating Contractor

Frequently, selecting a contractor is the determinant in the degree of success obtained with the overall project. It is crucial to examine the history of the contractor firm and its applicators. Ideally, the contractor /applicators would have 5 to 10 years of application experience with the specified type of flooring system.

Consultation and exchange of information between all parties concerned with the building operations should be arranged so that each has full knowledge of the particulars of the flooring work and be able to co-operate in producing the conditions required to complete a satisfactory project.